Mars Meditation for Independence

~Igraine from 2008 Witches Spell-A-Day Almanac

The first formal declaration of independence took place April 6th

in 1320 in Scotland as the sun was traveling through Aries,

the sign of independent action.

On the Aries New Moon of April 11th 2021

both the sun and the moon are conjoined in Aries

making it a powerful day for declaring your "I" versus "We".

Mars is the ruling planet of Aries.

By engaging his fiery energy we will find the power

to transmit our call to freedom.

He will lead us boldly, blazing new trails of initiative and courage.

So I ask you to close your eyes, centering, quieting.

Engage Muladhara, the root at the base of the spine.

Embrace the radiant red energy of this first chakra.

Feel its vibrancy grow within you.

When you have vividly connected to the sense of stability

and groundedness that Muladhara brings,

allow the energy to rise up within you

like a shaft of ruby light connecting Earth to the heavens.

Radiate outward reaching for the red planet.

Attempt to connect your ray of light to the frequency

that Mars is emanating.

Earth unites with Fire.

When you feel the link, be open to the messages that come through

as you declare  I am free!

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