.In Tibet, at this time, the monks performed an ancient ritual dance to eliminate negative forces and hindrances. Dressing in yellow robes they used vocal and instrumental sounds to invoke creative awareness. Begin this ritual by allowing yourself to vocalize freely whatever sounds come forth, melodious or dissonant. Open your self to explore.

Play music that inspires you to trance dance as you cast a circle, sprinkling flower petals or a potpourri thrice around.  Have a basin of warm water scented with sandalwood oil and wash your feet.

Dry them off well and rub them with a little olive oil. Using a henna paste, paint them artfully with spirals, circles and other symbols. When you are ready

begin your ritual dance ,improvising movement that you feel expresses releasing dark energy as you move counter clockwise(widdershins) within your sacred circle. Then change direction and dance sunwise pulling in toward your solar plexus feelings of joy and positivity as you chant a mantra of purification;

"Om mani padme hum"

and cut away the fearsome foe!

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