New Moon in Taurus

At this new moon period our focus changes from the inspirational force of Aries to solidifying, materializing, actualizing what we initiated last month.

We need something tangible.

We need to touch, smell, taste, physically experience

the real thing. Taurus is as sensual as it gets.

Enough of planning the garden! Now we are plunging our hands into the wet earth and reveling in its heavy scent.

Our desire for beauty and pleasure is alive and well.

Haven't you noticed that you're spending more time in the kitchen lately, listening to classical music, drinking wine

and making something fabulous for dinner?

We feel strong, sure, steady and very sexy.

What needs to get done will get done.

Patience is the virtue of Taurus.


Spread for the Month of Taurus

 #1 What call am I resisting?

 #2 How can I break free?

 #3 What is my sensual delight?

 #4 How might I flourish?


Shuffle your deck

Fan out your cards

Draw 4 cards