Ceridwen's Cauldron & A Ritual for Success

~ Igraine (That's me!) from 2008 Witches Spell-A-Day Almanac

*To be performed at the Taurus Full Moon

These are the early days of the Witches New Year celebrated at Samhain.

If you missed an opportunity to consider what your plans

and resolutions are for this coming year you still have time.

Let this be a moon of claiming three goals that you want to achieve

before years end.  


"In the cauldron of Ceridwen, I will work in preparation and manifestation toward the successful outcome of my present aspirations.

Tonight I ask the goddess Ceridwen to bless this rite

and join me in reflection.

Old one, Sage Crone, Keeper of the cauldron

I ask to stir your magic brew tonight for inspiration!

The lessons I have learned through the shift of time and space

 Change the shape of things to come with each turning of the season.

The wisdom of the universe can be mine for the claiming.

I need only mix the magic for the potion to find sight.

Three drops of grace shall pass my lips.

Require me to name them.

Enlightened by this moonlit night and your dark prophecy."


Sit in silence and meditate briefly.

What are the three most important tasks that you need to accomplish successfully this year?

When you have the answers state them clearly aloud and then write them down in your journal or Book of Shadows.

Then say:

"Ceridwen, in the naming of these three aspirations at this full moon in Taurus, I pledge a year and a day to keep my focus alive

in order that I may achieve my goals."


My affirmation will be "Success comes easily to me."