Ritual for the New Moon in Virgo


Companions, join hands! Find the light and warmth within and awaken! Let our own lanterns guide the way this new moon night.

Virgo is the most feminine and receptive form of Earth. It is a powerful time in our yearly cycle to come back to center and find ourselves again. It is our goal to not allow external distractions to throw us off track. We move toward seclusion, quiet, concentration on the essentials so that we may gain perspective before taking our next steps forward. We hold our illumined staffs and enter the portal of Virgo with wisdom and knowing, familiar with the sacrifice and rededication to our own truth that is expected of us by our earthly Mother and creator.  As initiates of the Goddess we recall the Vestal Virgins of ancient Rome and our home in the Temple of Vesta. Once again we pledge to keep the hearth fire forever burning in our own inner holy dwelling. Our physical bodies request our attention and we must recognize and honor our spirits host. Health, self-discipline and practical application of skills are the principles we must manifest at this crossroad. We are the seekers who have found their way back to our Virgin Mother who embodies purity, duty and order. She is the vessel from which issues forth all creation. She is the mother of mercy and infinite compassion and She reminds us that compassion toward oneself fosters creativity. Gently now, we will adorn ourselves with Her holy veil and acknowledge our return with a personal sacrifice.

Come forth and receive Her blessing as you surrender your offering to the Virgin, our Mother Mary.