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The Fool


       It is that pre-dawn time, pregnant with mystery.  The world is

poised between night and the day to come.  The path before you is

illuminated by gentle moonlight as it unwinds before you like a violet

ribbon. Venus, the morning star is visible in the sky, twinkling above 

brightly- an angelic guardian to guide you on your way.  Yesterday has

flown and this new day is full of promise and possibility.

       You see before you in the quickening light a great mountain range behind which the first rays of dawn paint the sky gold.  It is here

that the path you follow leads and as  you steadily ascend into the

mountains, a fresh morning breeze greets you and with its spiraling

eddies the final shadows of night flee. The sun- most glorious- Rises.

       Now the path veers sharply and continues precipitously along a

ledge, giving rise to a sense of excitement in your being.  For, oh,

what a panorama spreads awesomely out before you!  The rose, lavender

and golden rays of the sun shaft through endless billowing clouds in which eagles fly and dark mountains peek.

       Presently, you become aware of a figure approaching down the

path toward you.  Such a lively figure, dressed in green.  His stride is

graceful and quick and he carries a large forked staff festively wound

with vines that are plump with harvest grapes.  A bundle is suspended

from a wand-like stick that he has propped over his shoulder and a

little black and white cat trots beside him, tail held high.  Little

bells on his cap jingle merrily, and his gaze is rapt and joyous as he

agilely treads close to the precipice's edge as if to step off into the

air and journey through the morning clouds.

It is the Fool.

"Hail Fool!"  You cry.  The Fool greets you and beckons you to him.  He

has something to share with you now.  Spend a few moments with him and

listen to his counsel...

                                      ~ Guided Meditation from Tarot Portals by Beth Roth and Jude Ore

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