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Years ago, when I used to actively circle, my group would always craft our own rituals. We would write the Dedication, the actual Circle Cast, the Calling of the Quarters, all of the parts of the ritual. It was a wonderful, creative joint effort. To create the Calling of the Quarters, for instance, just grab four friends and give each person a direction to write. Here's an example of one of our Ostara rituals for Calling the Quarters. Each voice unique!

East ~ Pam


Golden Eagles soar high above white clouds on wings of thought

Soft breath of springs breeze thru sparrows’ feathers

Adria lady of the violet dawn rises with cool intellect

Shining gates open and her sword of silver cuts thru the cobwebs of our minds


South ~ Ted

Salmon Egg.

Garnet agate.

Super nova.


Flint spark.

Glinting metal.

Solar flares.


Spilled orange paint.

Punching a red pillow.

Hot breath of satisfying anger.


The fire we willingly leap into.


West ~ Beth


Awake! Aware! Cool breath of water

The river rushes

The water falls

I hold the silver chalice

And share my love with you!

Inspired by your blue eyes

Wrapped in a dress of sea weed

I am the nymph

Swimming in sapphire pools

Of emotion

O water of spirit

I call to you!

For you nurture me

With the milk of your breast

Bathing me in lavender

And aqua meditation

I feel you

In blues and greens

Come to me!


North ~ Rebecca


Mother Earth,

Her womb a cavernous planet in orbit

Dunes of sand sitting in the palm of her hand

Once covered by blanket

Now fruit emerges from rolling rock

Ancient Fathers gift us with your seed

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